Income tax

Naturally, we can take care of your income tax returns. For (wealthy) private individuals, entrepreneurs and directors/major shareholders. Whether you live in the Netherlands or not. Of course, we utilise on every option for keeping the assessment as low as possible. But that is far from all. Compiling tax returns provides an ideal opportunity to scrutinise your income and assets. If we then establish or suspect that not all tax and financial options are being utilised, we will definitely draw your attention to them.

On the basis of an income tax return we might, for example, draw your attention to Inheritance- and gift tax issues. Or to estate- and financial planning. Or we might advise you to visit a sollicitor to have a will drawn up. Or to change your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. In this way, we always try to turn your annual tax return obligation into an opportunity.Should the tax authorities have any questions on the basis of a filed tax return or if they want to conduct an audit of your books, we can prepare and supervise that process. Even if we did not prepare the tax return ourselves. This could make a crucial difference in tax-sensitive matters. This also applies to situations in which the tax consequences of certain actions cannot be identified unambiguously. We can then consult with the tax authorities in advance and make agreements.

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