Estate- and financial planning

You have to comply with your tax obligations. One of these is to pay the tax assessments imposed on you. You cannot decide not to pay just because you think you have already paid enough tax.

But you can decide to ensure that no more tax is paid than strictly necessary. And this is where we come in. For example by drafting a financial plan. Such a plan maps out your income and assets, and includes advice regarding possible measures to be taken to keep the taxation of your income and assets as low as possible so that your assets or your disposable income increase as much as possible or both. All this within predetermined limits.

An estate plan can round out such a financial plan. Something you can do for your heirs, not for yourself. Because with a well thought-out plan with, for example, the right choice of will and suitable pre- or postnuptial agreements and gifts, the inheritance tax due after your death can be substantially reduced. The sooner you start, the greater the positive effect.

Yes, but what if my son.... or my daughter.... Nowadays, so many conditions can be set or guarantees can be created for the giving of gifts to children (or grandchildren), that these objections can almost always be accommodated. Even if your children have just outgrown their nappies. And if your children indeed prove to be worthy of the inheritance, you will have seen to it that they can enjoy it to the fullest.

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